Metropolitan Museum of Art

I love paintings by Vermeer. So when I heard that his “Milkmaid” was on loan to the Metropolitan Museum of Art from the Rijksmuseum, I knew I would have to go there to see it. Today, Lisa and I took a day trip down to NYC.

It was everything I had expected. Better. It is, in fact, a truly beautiful painting: sculptural, brilliantly colored, sympathetic, honest, compelling. I’m so glad that we had the chance to see it.

Here are some photographs from our outing. Click for a larger version…

Grand Central Station
Grand Central Station

Choir Screen at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Choir Screen at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Modern art
Modern Art

Van Gogh self-portrait
Van Gogh Self-portrait

Rembrandt self-portrait
Rembrandt Self-portrait

Sculpture of 'Nydia, the blind flower girl of Pompeii'
What’s that, Nydia?

Temple of Dendur
Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, looking out over Central Park, New York

We also just barely missed seeing the lead women run through Central Park at Mile 24. Oh well, some other time.

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