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Medical Malpractice and Health Care Costs

There are a lot of opinions and economists’ assumptions bandied about as facts in the discussions about changing the American health care system. Today I want to look at this assertion: The cost of medical care is high in the … Continue reading

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If You Have to Ask the Price … (part 2)

Last week NPR’s Planet Money podcast broadcast an interview with the economist Jonathan Gruber, who said that many Americans get too much insurance. Basically, for some of us everything is covered, and consequently we “use too much healthcare.” According to … Continue reading

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Flying First Class

If you have to travel a long distance by plane, Etihad Airways’ Diamond First Class Suite might be the best way to go. Of course the round-trip fares from JFK to Sydney are around $20,000 (per person) for our travel … Continue reading

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Aussie Aussie Aussie!

What do I know about Australia? Other than the stereotypical — Sydney Olympics and Opera House, Aborigines, Uluṟu, Great Barrier Reef, Aussie Rules Football, kangaroos, killer koala bears, cuddly crocodiles, stinging jellyfish, and beer — so far my experience has … Continue reading

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Why I Love My Job

So you already know that I ♥ my pancreas. I hope that soon I’ll be able to ♥ both my real and “artificial” pancreases. Kerri at Six Until Me has a great write-up of an announcement between JDRF, Johnson & … Continue reading

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