Flying First Class

If you have to travel a long distance by plane, Etihad Airways’ Diamond First Class Suite might be the best way to go. Of course the round-trip fares from JFK to Sydney are around $20,000 (per person) for our travel days, or roughly 15 times the cost of our Qantas economy class seats. . . .

Of course, the ultimate way to go is private charter jet. At roughly $10,000 per hour of flight time, that’s another 10 times more than Etihad.

Update: So what do you get for a measly $4,000 or $5,000 more by upgrading from economy to business class? Well, the Cranky Flier recounts a recent experience on Air New Zealand: faster check-in, shorter security lines, a nicer departure lounge, free drinks to wash down your Ambien, a personal concierge, a seat that turns into a bed, and (presumably) better food choices.

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