Why I Love My Job

So you already know that I ♥ my pancreas. I hope that soon I’ll be able to ♥ both my real and “artificial” pancreases. Kerri at Six Until Me has a great write-up of an announcement between JDRF, Johnson & Johnson, and DexCom which should speed my new love’s arrival. (Update: The Diabetes Mine has even more details and an interview.)

And I ♥ my job. I won’t try to take credit for any of the hard work that JDRF-funded scientists and industry R&D folks are doing to make an artificial pancreas a reality. They deserve all of the credit and so much more. But I know for certain that many people at those institutions and others are using our tools as part of the day-to-day toil of making this a reality. (MATLAB’s graphics have a very *ahem* distinctive appearance, which I’ve seen in presentations about the artificial pancreas and diabetes self-management findings.)

The MathWorks‘ mission statement is that we “accelerate the pace of engineering and science worldwide.” Although it might just sound like nice words on a web site or T-shirt, at times like this it makes me very proud to know that we really do make great things happen faster. And knowing that — even as a peripheral actor — I help with progress, well, that inspires me to do my job that much better, by putting a little more care and polish into my features (especially those related to medical imaging), by rooting out all of the hidden software defects that I might otherwise overlook, and by working hard to get as many of those customer-requested features into the product that I can. That may sound a little corny, but I know that everything I do to accelerate the development of our products helps other people accelerate the creation of their products. And I’m not the only one in the office who feels this way.

Now, back to (indirectly) helping other people fight the good fight. . . .

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  1. Loren says:

    Indeed, Jeff, that is why lots of us come to work every day, knowing we are helping others advance the world’s technical knowledge!


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