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Public Document – Official Business

This is just a brief coda to the Congressional action on healthcare. There’s a little bit left for lawmakers to do, but I hope this is the last political post from me on the issue. I do plan to continue … Continue reading

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The Checklist Manifesto

How can you prevent mistakes? Some mistakes have extraordinary costs: airplane crashes, surgical infections, building collapses, nuclear power-plant explosions. Even the mistakes that don’t kill people — like software defects and leaky roofs — can slow you down by adding … Continue reading

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The Day After “Armageddon” – The Healthcare Roundup

Apologies for the overblown title to this post, but Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) just amused me to no end last night with his claim that it was Armageddon for America. I love hyperbole, especially about the Apocalypse; and it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Awaiting the vote…

“Mr. Speaker, I seek unanimous consent to revise and expand my comments in the record.” Yes, I’m watching C-SPAN right now, waiting for the vote. But it’s making me nervous. (Presently, Minority Leader Boehner is getting roundly shouted down. But … Continue reading

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How Would You Vote on the Healthcare Bill?

I have a coworker who has been keeping us updated on the “whip counts.” He has been following it with the intensity that a devotee of the Tour de France might afford each stage of the 23-day race. And he’s … Continue reading

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Ignore the Code

I recently discovered Ignore the Code, a well-written, nontechnical software/design weblog by Lukas Mathis. It’s really good. Go check it out.

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Australia Planning

This weekend we did a lot of trip planning. Preparing for an undertaking of this size — four weeks in three varied regions of a continent — is always a fine balance between ensuring that we have a place to … Continue reading

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Diabetes Design Challenge

Have a good design idea for a product to help manage diabetes? Want some help (i.e., prize money, access to design experts, introductions to venture funders, etc.) with turning your idea into a real product? If so, enter the 2010 … Continue reading

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Healthcare Debate is Bad for Your Mental Health?

I would have to say that I have a generally cheery, optimistic, “can do” disposition that is somewhat tempered by my belief that we have to persevere through adversity brought on by those who subscribe to a variety of reactionary … Continue reading

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My Own Questions about Health Care

Updated on 5 March 2010 at 8:30AM: I added a few more questions that were written down at the office. It seems like I have a lot of answers about healthcare, but I really don’t. However, I do have some … Continue reading

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What to Ask Yourself about Healthcare

There are three questions I ask whenever I look at potential healthcare changes: How will it improve patient health outcomes? How will it contain or reduce the cost of healthcare? How will it increase access to healthcare for all Americans? … Continue reading

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I wanna model. Modeling Sucks – Handsome Boy … No, not that kind of modeling. And I don’t want one of those other kinds of models, either. (Although it’s certainly nice to watch Heidi Klum every week on Project Runway.) … Continue reading

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