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Let’s Cure Diabetes

Every so often I’m going to request that you to give to groups supporting diabetes-related causes. I understand that you want to spread your charitable giving dollars around. I do, too. I just hope as you’re planning your year, you’ll … Continue reading

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Rowing Across Oceans

Roz Savage talks about rowing solo across oceans: First off, what she has done — rowing solo across the Atlantic as well as two out of three legs across the Pacific — is completely amazing. She’s currently rowing from Tarawa … Continue reading

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On Shopping Bags

It’s Earth Day, so it’s time for a public service announcement. This is no “holier than thou,” tree-hugger BS — just a little something you can do to reduce waste. In particular, those plastic bags that end up tangled in … Continue reading

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Some Patriots’ Day Thoughts on Militias and Tyrants

Sometimes, things happen that almost immediately crystallize an aspect of one’s life, splitting it into a time before the event and after. Your parent takes a job in a sparsely populated Western state and moves the whole family. A plane … Continue reading

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Buckshot o’ Links – Software Development Edition

I’m a hoarder. I may not have lived through the Great Depression like my grandmother did, but I seem to have inherited the gene that led her to keep dozens of plastic Cool Whip tubs in her attic “just in … Continue reading

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A Brand-new Bag

A while ago, I posted pictures of my diabetes kit. And by “kit” I mean a bunch of stuff thrown into a gallon-sized Ziplock bag. I need everything in it, but that gallon bag! I can’t tell you how much … Continue reading

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Bring on the Nanoparticles

A vaccine may be on the way (eventually) that reverses type 1 diabetes, according to a report posted Friday on the Diabetes Health site. The vaccine, which uses tiny fragments of protein to bind to the T-cells that destroy insulin … Continue reading

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Moving Healthcare off the “Mainframe”

I’m going to be writing about diabetes, patient-centered healthcare, online community, and what I’d really like in a diabetes self-management solution. But that’s too big for tonight. As a precursor, consider Eric Dishman’s TedMed talk about “moving healthcare off the … Continue reading

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How Much Are Hospitals Paid for Services?

A while back when I wrote about how much my healthcare costs my insurer, I mentioned that people with different insurance plans pay wildly different amounts for the same services. Here’s an example from an an outpatient department from a … Continue reading

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Insulin and Exercise, Part 2

It was beautiful outside this afternoon, and I felt a bit chagrined about not going for a ride or a run. But it’s my rest day, and the only thing worse than not going for a ride in beautiful weather … Continue reading

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Tora! Tora! Tories!

Elections are coming soon in the U.K. Here’s a little something for my British coworkers and readers:

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