Let’s Cure Diabetes

Every so often I’m going to request that you to give to groups supporting diabetes-related causes. I understand that you want to spread your charitable giving dollars around. I do, too. I just hope as you’re planning your year, you’ll save a little bit of your giving for diabetes related research and advocacy.

Every year diabetes costs the US $175 billion, which includes $116 billion in excess medical expenditures and $58 billion in reduced national productivity. [1] It would be great if those costs could just go away.

Well, you have to speculate to accumulate. Suppose the US were to dedicate an additional $1 billion per year solely to find a cure for type 1 and type 2 diabetes. If those investments were to succeed, we’re looking at a possible return on investment of more than 100:1 — perhaps even more, since we wouldn’t have to spend the $175+ billion figure every year. A cure might involve on-going pharmaceutical therapy, but that should be modest in price compared to the costs of daily self-management, specialist visits, care for complications, lowered life expectancy, and lost productivity.

Can you imagine not investing in an endeavor with that kind of ROI?

So consider donating to JDRF: The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, which actively funds programs to find a cure. You might also think about giving to advocacy groups that petition your national government to get increased funding for diabetes research and patient services. If you’re in United States, the American Diabetes Association is the main organization for this.

And now back to our regular programming. . . .

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