Moving Healthcare off the “Mainframe”

I’m going to be writing about diabetes, patient-centered healthcare, online community, and what I’d really like in a diabetes self-management solution. But that’s too big for tonight.

As a precursor, consider Eric Dishman’s TedMed talk about “moving healthcare off the ‘mainframe.’”

In a nutshell, when people do free association with “healthcare,” this is what they say:

  1. Doctor
  2. Hospital
  3. Illness, sickness, disease

Dishman says this is the old “mainframe” model of health — a model based on reactive, crisis-driven, population-based treatment. Instead, he says (and I agree) that we should focus on a “personal healthcare paradigm centered on the home,” especially for our aging population. This new model would be proactive, pervasive and personalized and would be based on more than just biological lab data.

That sounds very much like what I would like to see in a diabetes solution.

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