Rowing Across Oceans

Roz Savage talks about rowing solo across oceans:

First off, what she has done — rowing solo across the Atlantic as well as two out of three legs across the Pacific — is completely amazing. She’s currently rowing from Tarawa to Australia. You have to be a bit touched to depart from the herd like this, yet her story (and the earnestness with which she presents it) is so inspiring.

You really should watch the sixteen minute video, but here are some choice bits:

  • “Getting outside your comfort zone is by definition uncomfortable.”
  • You don’t have to look like an adventurer [or athlete or revolutionary or . . .] to be one.
  • “The bigger the challenge, the greater the sense of achievement.”
  • Things break and challenges occur; you have to improvise.
  • We tell ourselves stories, and our interior dialogue makes us who we are.
  • Tiny actions by individuals accumulate to make an enormous difference (both good and bad). What we do “spreads ripples” across the community.
  • We have the responsibility to make ourselves happy.
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