A Day Late, A Tube Short

Yesterday was day #6 of Diabetes Blog Week. I managed to miss it because we were kinda busy. So I’m gonna make up for it today with two posts. First, some diabetes snapshots.

Diabetes Blog Week banner

Before the pictures, a little story. Remember that on Friday I wrote that I was going to do 90 mile ride in the Taconic Range today? Turns out, I forgot about an evening obligation, so I decided to delay the ride until next weekend and do a similarly sized ride starting at home but without any mountains.

About two hours into my ride through Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut — before I really even had a chance to get bored — I got a flat. After a year of riding, I was due, but it could have happened in a more convenient place, instead of halfway across the West Thompson Dam. My first thought was a hope that I could just raise my hand like they do in professional races and summon the neutral service vehicle for a quick wheel change. Oh, delusions!

After walking myself back to a place with a shoulder, I made a rookie mistake, breaking the head off the valve of my flat tube as I took it off the wheel. Had I been wiser, I would have also brought an extra tube with me. Like I said: rookie mistakes. Nothing to do after that but pack it in and call Lisa to pick me up. She’s a sweetheart, that girl.

Next week, I’ll be more sensible when I finally do that ride in the mountains.

Here are some pictures from the past couple days:

Eating Palak Paneer
Lunch of palak paneer and chicken korma


How did we do SWAGging lunch? Uh . . . coulda been better.

Reading all y’all’s blogs

A movable feast
A movable feast

Bike in the graveyard
Stopping by the cemetery in Burrillville, Rhode Island

Joslin marker
Lots of Joslins in this part of Rhode Island and Connecticut

Dr. Joslin, I presume?
I thought at first this might be the guy we PWDs owe a debt of gratitude, but he seems to be an uncle of some distance.

Thompson, CT
Waiting for the cavalry in Thompson, CT

I barely worked hard enough to muss my hair

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  1. Lorraine says:

    Ha! Great shots! Love the one of your reading the blogs!

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