Australian Weather

Here are the five day forecasts for where we’ll be in Australia. As Lisa wants to know, “How do you pack for a month of this weather?”

  • Sydney — Highs: 60-68°F, Lows: 51-55°F, rainy, cloudy
  • Darwin — Highs: 85-90°F, Lows: 70-75°F, sunny
  • Alice Springs — Highs: 67-70°F, Lows: 35-47°F, sunny and showers
  • Watarrka NP — Highs: 68-75°F, Lows: 42-50°F, sunny
  • Cairns — Highs: 78-81°F, Lows: 68-71°F, sunny, cloudy, stormy

Visit for more personalities and week forecast Visit for more personalities and week forecast

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