Bon Mots – Part 1

It’s time to share some of the French words that were new to me. If you speak or read French, maybe they’ll be useful to you, too. And if I have missed something subtle in their meaning, let me know.

  • bagnolevoiture (a car)
  • viréepetit rendre-visite (a small trip, a hike, etc.)
  • revendiquer — to claim
  • raté — failed, attempted, missed, abortive (adj./pp.) or failure, misfire, backfire (n.)
  • portiques — gates, turnstiles
  • rien que… — just…
  • jeu de mot — pun
  • étonnant — amazing, enormous
  • toucheun clef sur le clavier de l’ordinateur (keybord key)
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