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Basal Insulin, Bolus Insulin

September 1st is Diabetes Art Day, a fabulous idea by Lee Ann Thill at The Butter Compartment. Below are photographs of my contribution, Basal Insulin, Bolus Insulin, a temporary mixed-media installation. I always knew that I would use those fifty … Continue reading

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New Video File Formats

File formats come, and file formats go. Strike that last part. File formats never really go away. People just stop storing data in them, and vendors stop supporting the formats in their products. Eventually the data is just a bunch … Continue reading

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Aussie Photos

We’ve been back for a while, and I’m occasionally reminded that I haven’t posted all of the photographs from our trip. Here they are! Ironically, I got sidetracked by the process of selecting and printing photographs, some of them you … Continue reading

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Heading Out

Tomorrow I’m going out to northwestern Mass. to restart my photography project. I’m heading NW so that I can take in an exhibit on Picasso and Degas at the Clark in Williamstown, but it seemed like a perfect time to … Continue reading

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Thoughts from a Thursday Morning

In honor of the company meeting earlier this morning, here are some of the things I’ve learned and thoughts I’ve had this morning . . . bullet point style: I can’t decide whether Arcade Fire’s new album, “Suburbs,” is completely, utterly pretentious and … Continue reading

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Clean Office!

OMG!! I have a clean office/library! It’s the first time in . . . well, forever.

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Ten Things I Love about Adobe Photoshop CS5

I just recently upgraded from Adobe Photoshop CS to Photoshop CS5. As you might imagine, a lot has changed in four major releases over the last seven years. I know I should have upgraded sooner . . . blah blah blah. After installing … Continue reading

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