A Stake in the Ground

It’s time again for National Blog Post Month. (Actually, any month can be “NaBloPoMo,” but for me it’s November.) Last year I found it helped me get my online writing mojo back, and I hope that by writing every day again this month I can refine some of the ideas rattling around in my head and tie up some loose ends from my notes.

In case you missed it, last year diabetes emerged as a big topic here. I had been reluctant to write much about it before then — perhaps not realizing how much it would help me work through my own issues and that it might help other people with diabetes (PWDs) — and I’m still not going to give over a whole month to it, though I had contemplated doing so. I don’t feel like a “diabetes blogger,” after all. I would much rather write about more exciting things like travel and books and awesome outdoor adventures, but in the absence of those things, diabetes emerges as one of the two parts of my life that most consistently takes up mental space when I’m not at work. (You’re still tops, Lisa!) And I do think there’s a never-ending opportunity to help build part of a vibrant online diabetes community, so you can expect to see more about the “Big D” here over the next 30 days . . . just not every day.

I won’t go too far out on a limb with what else you might expect to see here this month. After all, this post is mainly here to plant a stake in the ground. I do have a few ideas already lined up, but like last year there are bound to be posts that just sneak up out of nowhere. It will be an adventure for everyone.

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