Australia, The Home Movie

I finally uploaded the video that I made from our trip to Australia. Lisa and I hope you enjoy it. (Be sure to set the playback resolution to at least 480p.)

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3 Responses to Australia, The Home Movie

  1. mary says:

    oh, ken burns effect.

    what’s that line suspended above you when you’re in the water, at the very end of the movie?

  2. Jeff Mather says:

    The overhead wire helps support the swimming enclosure to keep the stinging jellyfishes out. It wasn’t necessary while we were there, but I guess in season it can be a bad scene.

    As for the “Ken Burns effect” — KB thinks that term is kinda funny, BTW — I always feel a little guilty when I use it. It’s cliché for sure, but it’s usually more interesting than static photos. Ah well.

  3. mary says:

    ken burns should be proud!

    it is more interesting than static photos, i agree; but i think that when people pair the KBE with static photos, the static photos seem extra-static, if you know what i mean.

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