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Yesterday — both before and after we went to the opening — Lisa and I created a photo book that’s about to be printed via Blurb. If you discount the A-B-C’s book I wrote and illustrated in kindergarten, it’s the first book I’ve made. I print a fair bit, enjoy typography, and love photo books.* Despite loving photo books, this will be my first.

Lisa and I took some of our favorite photographs from our trip to Australia and built a book using Blurb’s BookSmart tool. It was pretty easy and very customizable — albeit a bit clunky if you want to make a lot of edits — and a lot less “cute” than what Snapfish offered. (You can even use Adobe InDesign or another tool, if you want.) I’m certainly hoping that the photos in the book look great . . . at least as good as mass-market photography monographs. If they do, I’ll probably make one containing some of my “arty” photographs.

* — I could easily amass tens of thousands of dollars of credit card debt buying photography monographs and exhibition catalogs. So it’s best that I don’t look too much at Amazon, otherwise my photography wish list would probably include the whole art and photography section.

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3 Responses to Bookmaker

  1. mary says:

    if it’s anything like the books you can order through iphoto, i think you’ll be quite pleased!

  2. Pearlsa says:

    I should have taken your advice and not looked at your photography wish list. Because, I am now wishing for some of the items on the list.

  3. Jeff Mather says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the book. Not that I would sell this particular book, but maybe one with my best work. . . . Then I can have it show up on Amazon, too. Ha!

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