Getting Back to It

Leslie wants to know when I’m going to start self-publishing my “Commonwealth Project” photographs.

Soon! I’ve set it aside for far too long. The book helped me decide that it’s time to get back to it. It’s possible that the act of publishing will actually help me figure out how I want to finish up the project.

Photograph looking through a plate glass window into an empty building in North Brookfield with my reflection
Self-portrait, North Brookfield, Mass. (2006)

Last night after looking at our Australia book and thinking about what I would put in a new book, I decided that I need to dust off my old slides that relate to the project. I had forgotten how much I love some of them. After a hard drive crash in 2006 that ate up most of my old scans, I need to rescan a bunch of photographs before I can publish them. The good news is that I now know a lot more about post-processing than I used to, and I’m determined to do a better job than I did the first time around.

Step One: Tonight I calibrated my PC monitor for the first time in years, fixed a few flaws in my scanning workflow, and created a new scanner profile. Early results indicate that it might be easier to get what I want this time around.

Monaco EZColor dialog with Q-60 target
Making the scanner profile

Stay tuned!

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One Response to Getting Back to It

  1. Leslie M-B says:

    Yay! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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