This afternoon I went to the ophthalmologist. I love that word, “ophthalmologist,” partly because I love the word “οφθαλμων.” Rarely do you find a word with two digraphs together — although, now that I mention it, “chthonic” comes to mind. Everything is fine, and my eyes are no longer as big as saucers.

When I got home I went for a ride, making it the eighth day in a row that I’ve gone for a swim, ride, or run. Not that I’ve been a slacker these last eighteen months or so, but it’s the longest streak I’ve had going in some time — possibly ever. I don’t know how long the current streak will last. I plan on stopping when I need a break, and I’m doing my best not to overdo it.

I’ve been using a heart rate monitor during this time — it seemed like a nice addition to my new bike computer — and I’ve learned something important: I’m probably running too fast. My heart rate is easily 40 beats/minute higher when I run “slowly” than when I ride at a moderate pace. In fact, even when I’m pushing a big gear on my bike for a long duration, my heart rate isn’t nearly as high as when I run. Clearly that’s something to work on.

Oh, and my blood glucose has been pretty good, too. That’s been a big part of being able to exercise so consistently. It’s nice to be in a better place.

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2 Responses to Streaking

  1. mary says:

    you finally got a bike computer, yay!

  2. Jeff Mather says:

    Oh yes, I really like my Garmin 500 GPS bike computer. It’s pretty pimp.

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