West Newton Cinema Opening

Today was the opening of the Newton Camera Club’s exhibit at the West Newton Cinema. It’s been several years since I exhibited publicly – I think it was at Grinnell in 2006 — and I feel that this year’s show is quite good. Lisa and I went to the opening and had some nice conversations with other people in the club.

West Newton Cinema opening

West Newton Cinema opening

West Newton Cinema opening

Here are my contributions to the show:

Humboldt, Iowa (2009)

Pondering Ingres (2009)

Uluṟu (2010)

The show runs through the end of the year. So stop in, watch a film, and check out the show in the gallery.

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3 Responses to West Newton Cinema Opening

  1. mary says:

    congrats! the first one is my fave, but i’m always a sucker for photos that remind me of ed ruscha.

  2. Caroline says:

    The first one is my favorite too! It illuminates a very everyday sort of moment.

  3. Jeff Mather says:

    Caroline & Mary: Thanks! I do like these frequently overlooked scenes, and I like Ed Ruscha’s work. It’s possible that I had Ruscha in the back of my mind, since I’m sure that I’ve seen “Standard Oil” at the National Gallery of Art before. I also probably had Lee Friedlander and Robert Adams in the mix, too.

    I’m actually quite surprised that the jury picked the piece. The camera club and I often have differences of opinion on what’s worth photographing and displaying. It kinda put me off for a while, but obviously not so much nowadays since I submitted it. (I have a few friends on the jury, I guess.) A couple of club photographers at the opening asked me what I found interesting or why I made this photograph. I usually have trouble answering questions like that, especially when I suspect that the person asking isn’t coming from a different aesthetic. Oh well.

    Thanks again!

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