Yesterday, for the first time since I started training for a March half-marathon, I missed a workout.* It’s all because of a blister on my left heel. The word “blister” makes it sound so trifling. What started out as a little irritation around mile three of my 8-miler on Sunday turned into a nickel-sized spot of raw, pink flesh by the time I was done.

I’m keeping it clean and covered with regularly changed, antibiotic-infused bandages, but on Monday and yesterday it was still rubbing quite a bit as I walked around in my normal shoes. So today I’m wearing my well-broken-in running shoes, and I don’t feel any discomfort. (For the record, I hate wearing athletic shoes to the office . . . even if we are really casual here.)

Therein lies the source of my first running injury in some time: my shoes. I bought new shoes about a month ago. And then I put the new, extra-stiff foot inserts in that my podiatrist sold me just before Christmas to help prevent getting blisters on my toes. Until last Sunday, although I had noticed a bit of an awkward fit while using the inserts, there were really no problems; in fact, my right knee felt better than it had in years. But now it appears that the inserts are moving my foot upward in the shoe, leading to some rubbing.

We’ll have to figure out how to break in my new shoes, use the stability-control inserts, and avoid blistering. I’ll keep you posted.

BTW, my blood glucose reading before running on Sunday was 122. Afterward it was 126. That’s about as close to perfect as I can imagine for me. Of course, it came at the expense of some glucose tablets, a Gü packet, and a banana. We’ll work on introducing more predictability there, too.

* — Yesterday I also opted to keep it away from the pool for a little while longer, too. Maybe that’s just me being a wus.

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2 Responses to Blister

  1. I’m starting to train for a triathlon…probably a sprint tri. So today I’ll be hitting the pool for a quarter to half mile swim, I’m fortunate that there’s a pool in the building where I work. Though that also means I have no excuses!

  2. Jeff Mather says:

    Bernard, which sprint Tri are you thinking about? I’m on the lookout for something small for a (possible) first foray.

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