California Dreaming

I have stress dreams about travel. And I know they’re about travel because I’m traveling in the dreams. Sometimes the inkblots that are my dreams are quite easy to interpret. But I’m not sure whether I’m subconsciously manifesting my (small) anxieties about traveling to California tomorrow or about driving in the snow to my continuous glucose monitor (CGM) training later this morning.

Who knows? All I can say is that the city in my dream — a cross between Springfield, Pittsburgh, New Haven, and Hartford — was not as bad as you would think. After all, as the hotel clerk in my dream told me, “The city’s local museum has the finest collection” of a rare mineral whose name I’ve forgotten. . . . Just don’t try to get on the interstate. In that case you would need a map. And since I can’t read or see very well in my dreams, that wouldn’t have helped anyway.

Okay, I’m off to drive in the snow.

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