Checking in from the Golden State

It’s almost 11:00PM by way of 2:00AM. I should be more tired, but I’m not . . . or maybe I am. I can’t tell. As soon as I finish watching “The Kids Are Alright,” I’m going to bed. Hopefully, I won’t wake up at 4:00AM PST again tomorrow morning.

I’m in California attending the IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging symposium. Today I took a short-course about “Perception, Cognition, and Next Generation Imaging.” I feel fulfilled by the first two parts; but the last one was a bit fuzzy. This evening, while watching Netflix, I figured out what conference presentations I plan to take in over the next few days. GPUs and parallel computing, high dynamic-range imaging, image quality, and maybe even a session called “The Dark Side of Color.”

But that all starts tomorrow.

I’m only gonna say this once while I’m here in California, because if I were in New England right now I would hate to be reminded even more that it’s winter. The weather is unbelievably beautiful here in San Francisco. When I did my weekly long run this afternoon, I felt something that I hadn’t in a long time: the 60s.

Today’s run was wonderful. The front desk staff at the hotel gave me a pocket-sized card with a couple of running routes that I could stitch together to get very close to the nine miles that were on today’s docket. But I got a little confused leaving the hotel, so I decided to keep following the trail along the Bay until I got to the far end of Coyote Point Park or 45 minutes in, whichever came first; then I would turn around.

I was feeling fast and figured that running 85 minutes would definitely be enough to have put the distance in. So imagine my surprise when I mapped the run later to learn that I had gone 10 miles, averaging a very brisk (for me) 8:30/mile. It’s amazing what happens when there aren’t multiple mile-long hills on the course. Today, for the first time, I’m starting to feel more confident that I might actually be able to attain the somewhat arbitrary stretch goal that I set for myself when I decided six weeks ago to train for the New Bedford Half Marathon.

(By the way, even though CGM still isn’t really very accurate when I’m exercising, I learned some things during my training last Friday that have improved the accuracy greatly the rest of the time. I like it. Here’s hoping it helps me get my A1c and my confidence where I want them soon. Oh, and one more thing; I signed up to do a sprint triathlon in early May in Hopkinton. G-d help me. More about both of those topics and about yesterday’s gallery hopping excursion later.)

And I miss Lisa terribly.

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  1. Lisa Mather says:

    I miss you too, dear

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