JPEGmini v. The Man

UPDATE: Be sure to read the comments. There’s no new file format.

Real low on the world’s priority list is a patent-pending image compression algorithm and format that attempts to replace JPEG. (I’ve written why before, more than once.) But just in case I’m wrong — after all, JPEG-XR hasn’t really taken off like I thought it would three years ago — here’s a link to JPEGmini.

The makers say via Twitter that they’ll be at the same conference that I’m at right now. I will report more when I have details. (I sure hope these aren’t the same folks that I tried to talk out of adding a new JPEG format some years ago. Gosh, that would be awkward.)

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3 Responses to JPEGmini v. The Man

  1. Oren says:

    JPEGmini isn’t a new format. It’s a better compressor for the good old JPEG format. No change required to your browser or other decompressor software.

    (disclaimer: I met the inventor)

  2. Jeff Mather says:

    Yes, you’re absolutely right. I misunderstood the information on the website. I talked to the inventor at Electronic Imaging last week, too.

    Basically, the image is iteratively compressed until the visual difference between the original image and this iteration of the compression is indistinguishable. The result is visually lossless, and the optimal JPEG compression setting doesn’t need to be known a priori.

    It’s very clever; since you aren’t doing this to every image, it’s okay to trade the saved upload time versus the extra processing time for images you want to transmit. And as you noted, Oren, there’s no new file format.

  3. Sharon says:

    Try out the new website

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