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Ready to Start Coding

It’s been a week since I announced that I was going to write an iPhone app. I’m still excited about it, even though someone told me that Medtronic is working on their own version of the same thing I proposed … Continue reading

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Here it is, the post that answers the question of what I will write about on my 666th post on this weblog. Someone suggested an exorcism, but I’ve already done that. Someone else thought Satan would be appropriate; but 666 … Continue reading

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Capping Medical Payments

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how to keep healthcare costs down. There are a number of options, and the one that Massachusetts is set to implement will create accountable care organizations (ACOs) with “global payments.” In this system, … Continue reading

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Helpful iOS Apps for Diabetes

I’ve been thinking about iPod/iPhone/iPad apps for good reason lately. My research into how to write such an app of my own continues apace, and I’ve contemplating exactly what I can make it do. I’ve also been thinking thinking about … Continue reading

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Diabetes Swims with the Fishes

This post is part of February’s DSMA Blog Carnival. I feel like I’ve done a lot of great things despite having diabetes. I’ve gone many places and had some wonderful experiences, but I think the most awesome thing I’ve done … Continue reading

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Number Needed to Treat

Here’s a little something to get you in the right frame of mind for some upcoming posts. From Wikipedia, number needed to treat: The number needed to treat (NNT) is an epidemiological measure used in assessing the effectiveness of a … Continue reading

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Total Diabetes Awareness, The App

I am terrible with personal software projects. At work, I have no problem getting things started and finished. But elsewhere, I’m just a bit too distracted by everything else in my life to engage in some casual programming. But this … Continue reading

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Dear Diabetes

Dear Diabetes: I know you like it when I have Kanye talk to you. You seem to respect and/or fear him. And I can understand that. AFTER ALL, HE IS THE GREATEST ARTIST OF THE LAST TWO GENERATIONS. AT LEAST!! … Continue reading

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The One Where I’m on a Podcast

After casually dropping enough hints that I might be interested in appearing on Just Talking, Christopher interviewed me yesterday for his diabetes/gaming/all-things-Christopher podcast. It was a hoot! Listen here . . .

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Personalized Health Data (via CGM)

I’m going to start right off by saying that I love my CGM. Once I made a few calibratrion-related changes and after I decided that it was never going to give me very good information during the first half-hour (or … Continue reading

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T.R. Reid: The Healing of America

This evening I started reading T.R. Reid’s The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper, and Fairer Health Care (2010). It’s a more detailed version of the PBS Frontline show he wrote and narrated a couple years ago. … Continue reading

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If You Have to Ask the Price … (part 3)

It’s been a couple months since I last wrote about healthcare costs here and about a year since I took a more in-depth look at the subject. But the subject of health economics is on my mind all the time. … Continue reading

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French Films

I love film.* Good films. Well-acted, tightly edited films with reasonable plots that are cinematographic gems. I’m not infatuated with novelty, but if a film has a predictable plot, it had better be perfect in every other way. As a … Continue reading

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I need to write here more often. If only I had more time to read about diabetes, photography, and history; make progress on my fiction reading list; study Hindi; read the newspaper; go running, swimming, bicycling, snowshoeing, and skiing; watch … Continue reading

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Here’s why I don’t feel so bad about diabetes and my insulin pump.

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