Here it is, the post that answers the question of what I will write about on my 666th post on this weblog. Someone suggested an exorcism, but I’ve already done that. Someone else thought Satan would be appropriate; but 666 is really more of an antichrist thing.

Plus, that kinda freaks me out. There are few things in the world that frighten me. Creepy religious things are just about it. “Rosemary’s Baby,” “The Exorcist,” and “The Omen” might be the scariest films I’ve seen. (Although, the original Japanese version of “The Ring” had me on edge the whole time.)

Now I’m not gonna say that these feelings are definitely related to events in my childhood, but . . . Well, you be the judge.

When I was very young, my father was in Bible college and very into Christian eschatology (i.e., all things End Times). Every once and a while he would teach my older brother and me about the whole millennial timeline: rebuilding the Temple, Antichrist, signs, seals, horsemen, Rapture, Tribulation, second coming, final judgement, lake of fire, creation of a new Heaven and Earth, etc. When you learn this stuff as a four year old, it takes a while to realize that not everyone is steeped in this mythology.

Anyway, is that really what this post is supposed to be about? I’ve forgotten a lot of the details, if I ever really knew them at all. And I’m not so easily freaked out. After all, the short-lived, extremely dark television series “MillenniuM” is one of my favorites — despite containing a story arc that’s heavily influenced by the scarier parts of Christianity — and from time to time I think it would be interesting to read the Left Behind series, although I’ve heard that it’s very poorly written.

But there is one thing that until very recently got me scurred: giving large boluses of insulin. (You knew it was going to come back to diabetes at some point, didn’t you?) It was kind of a ridiculous fear, since I kinda knew that I would end up having high blood sugar if I didn’t give that big dose. Yet, I still couldn’t really do it for fear of having wicked hypoglycemia.

CGM has helped me overcome this phobia, along with any doubts that I had about delivering boluses 10-20 minutes before eating. I mean just look at this CGM trace from yesterday afternoon through today.

CGM trace

The first part of the trace in the “dark” portion of the graph is right after I ate half a thin-crust pizza with cheesy bread. No so healthy, but just the tiniest little spike. And then there’s the pre-bolus for my breakfast cereal this morning. A little up, a little down, but nowhere near the 250 mg/dL spikes I used to have but never saw before CGM.

I seem to be rambling.

So there it is. The 666th post is an aimless, crazy post about nothing in particular.

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2 Responses to 666

  1. mary says:

    there’s a pretty funny episode of american dad about the end times… i’m glad that i grew up relatively ignorant of all of that stuff, even though i did go to church every sunday. either i wasn’t paying much attention, or my church was too feel-good to teach me about the rapture, etc.

  2. Karen says:

    Yow baby, that graph is a thing of beauty!!!! Perfect for breaking the curse of the 666 post!

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