Dear Diabetes

Dear Diabetes:

I know you like it when I have Kanye talk to you. You seem to respect and/or fear him. And I can understand that. AFTER ALL, HE IS THE GREATEST ARTIST OF THE LAST TWO GENERATIONS. AT LEAST!! AND HE MADE W AND HIS WIFE AND MAMA CRY LIKE LITTLE GIRLS— (Sorry, evidently I had the spirit of Kanye come over me.) But he is disappointed that I dedicated a Cee-Lo song to you instead of one of his masterpieces.

So it’s just me talking to you today, paperweight.

For once I’m not here to kvetch. In fact, I just want to say how happy I am with how we’ve been getting along over the last week. Now, it’s true that you’ve been telling the CGM to wake me up once or more each night this week. And it’s certainly true that I’ve still got you in my life, but those flattish CGM graphs after breakfast and lunch this week have been wonderful to see. In fact, they initially freaked me out a bit, since I was sure that meant I was going to crash later. But that hasn’t happened.

And then there was the easy spinning session in the basement yesterday afternoon when my BG ended almost exactly where it was before I started. And that came the day after a good five-mile treadmill run. So we’re making some real progress in our “special relationship.”

I can’t put my finger on exactly what’s causing my 7-day blood glucose average (149 mg/dL) to be less than my weight for the first time since we kicked NPH to the curb all those years ago. Maybe it’s having some extra consistency in the intensity of my exercise recently. Perhaps it’s delivering bigger boluses of our frenemy, insulin, with meals. Or it might be less “defensive eating” than I was doing in the pre-CGM days when I didn’t really know which direction my BG was going. Then again, it could just be the new bottle of insulin or different infusion set locations. Plus, other than the Indian food on Monday and Tuesday, we haven’t eaten too much that requires much carb estimation.

Whatever it is, I’m trying to keep it going. Thanks for helping out these last few days. Now, for Lisa’s sake, let’s try to make the CGM less grumpy overnight.

<3 Me

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