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Triathletes are Crazy

This post is part of March’s DSMA Blog Carnival, which is all about exercise. I’m tired . . . all the time. I knew that training for a triathlon was going to be intense, but I hadn’t really expected it to be quite … Continue reading

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Strike while the Iron is Hot

From the annual report of the diabetes management program of a Boston-area hospital: Observationally, patients who had 3 visits each [with a diabetes educator or nutritionist] had greater decrease in HbA1c.* Those individuals with 1 visit only, [had an A1c … Continue reading

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What’s on My Pump’s Mind?

Sorry for the geeky/nerdy digression, but I’m just so pleased that I’ve been able to start to parse through the data from my pump. It’s nice to make some progress. According to the CSV file generated from my Medtronic CareLink … Continue reading

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MTV Pimps My Diabetes

MTV is planning to highlight diabetes in its True Life show next season. Here’s an excerpt from the casting call request for people to share their stories. Does your diabetes hold you back from living the life the way you … Continue reading

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Health Care Law Turns One

Happy first birthday, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (né health care reform bill)! You’re not perfect and are kinda responsible for getting your birth parents kicked out of the house. I don’t blame you per se; the Democrats were … Continue reading

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Prefontaine Never Had the GUTS to Run a Half-Marathon with Diabetes

Yesterday I ran my first half-marathon. I started training for it (officially) fourteen weeks ago using a plan I built online from Runner’s World. Over those weeks, I ran approximately 230 miles, progressing from long runs of about six miles … Continue reading

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Seriously Now. Let’s Start Coding.

Okay, I’ve picked up a smattering of Objective-C, learned about a few of the frameworks, and sketched some of the interface. I’ve contemplated the data model, and I’ve worked out a few of the interactions. Isn’t it about time to … Continue reading

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