Strike while the Iron is Hot

From the annual report of the diabetes management program of a Boston-area hospital:

Observationally, patients who had 3 visits each [with a diabetes educator or nutritionist] had greater decrease in HbA1c.* Those individuals with 1 visit only, [had an A1c that] remained the same or higher and often had no follow up from [their primary care physician] either. The demographics on those lost to follow up appeared to have barriers such as ESL, co-morbid conditions reflecting many [hospital] visits, psychological issues, and transportation issues. This is an area of opportunity to provide as much education and management as possible on this initial visit and offer outreach telephonically to help this population.

* — HbA1c is diabetes self-management metric. Lower is (generally) better.

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One Response to Strike while the Iron is Hot

  1. Caroline says:

    And that’s basically my job at my hospital. Bam!

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