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Pump Bling

Lisa and I went to a wedding in New York’s Hudson River Valley over the weekend. On Saturday before the wedding, Lisa, a college friend, her boyfriend, and I went to Dia:Beacon, the contemporary art museum. In lieu of printed … Continue reading

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Internal Dialogue, Thursday, 5:00AM

On the one hand . . . “I’m tired.” “It’s going to be cold.” “I want to be more awake for tonight’s lecture than I was last week at the MFA.” “I don’t think my legs have a six-mile tempo run in them … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

It was a long winter with more snow than I can ever remember. We had snow on the ground continuously from the day after Christmas through mid-March with an extra four or five inches on April Fools’ Day. Despite the … Continue reading

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Patriots Day, 2011

Yesterday was Patriots Day, my favorite holiday and the best day of the year. As usual, I walked down to Natick Center with a coworker to watch the running of the Boston Marathon. I’ve always loved the event, and I … Continue reading

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Digging the 5-Miler

Today I ran the Clamdigger 5 Miles. I originally planned to run the BAA 5K in Boston, but I missed the registration cut-off. And then I thought I might run a 5K in Worcester, but I had a conflict — … Continue reading

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I Need Goals

I kinda wish the tri were over . . . so that I would know how it went and whether I enjoyed it . . . so that I might be able to figure out what I want to do next, training-wise. I need goals.

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Expectations, Experience and Exercise

I was trying hard to figure out what was going wrong with my appointment at Joslin. I went through a minor saga to get approved to visit an exercise physiologist, and I had arrived with a bunch of thoughts and … Continue reading

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You Are NOT Bad

Just a quick post this evening, but I saw something at the Joslin Diabetes Clinic this afternoon that just broke my heart: In the men’s restroom someone had etched “Bad” into the top of the mirror. You are not bad. … Continue reading

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The Test Strip Rebellion

The “test strip rebellion” is a grass-roots movement to access our health data from our diabetes self-management devices: meters, pumps, CGMS, online apps, etc. It’s our data, and we’re going to take it back . . . one way or another. Stay tuned.

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Baby Steps Toward Less “Winging It”

I have previously mentioned that I wing it . . . a lot. My endo and I have devised carb:insulin bolus ratios based on some prior experiences, and I settled on my basal rates by testing — days and days and even a … Continue reading

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Finally, A New Layout

Well, that took forever to do, but I finally updated this here weblog thing to have a nicer layout and more modern WordPress installation. You’re welcome. And in one evening, I checked off five items from my 101 Things in … Continue reading

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Lap Swimming, Monday, 5:45AM

With apologies . . . Blindly I see you two lanes over Through the haze of my goggles I can only make out red and black, The shimmering glow of coals In a furnace propelling you effortlessly While I flail and breathe water. … Continue reading

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Winging It like a Penguin

Last Thursday, I saw my endocrinologist. We all agreed that my 7.8% A1c should be lower. Not in the sense of “Hey, you know you should lower your A1c,” rather “Your BG readings and CGM data look great; I don’t … Continue reading

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App Update

Today a bunch of my online peeps were in California visiting Medtronic. I wish I’d been invited to go to, but that was not the case. Had I been there, I would have squealed like a little schoolgirl at the … Continue reading

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