Baby Steps Toward Less “Winging It”

I have previously mentioned that I wing it . . . a lot. My endo and I have devised carb:insulin bolus ratios based on some prior experiences, and I settled on my basal rates by testing — days and days and even a night or two of hungry, grumpy testing. And having done all this work, what do I do? I ignore it. Still.

Months after saying I wasn’t going to be so scurred of dosing the appropriate amount of insulin, I still don’t always feel confident giving all of the insulin that my pump’s bolus wizard suggests. And I also see lots of times where I set a temporary basal or treat incorrect basal rates with extra food.

It occurred to me this afternoon that I can use my pump’s data (via CareLink) to find my effective carb:insulin ratios and probably my insulin sensitivity for corrections, too. I saw when I was parsing the CSV file I downloaded from CareLink that it contains the full bolus wizard info, including estimated carbs, suggested bolus amount, and actual insulin delivered. Now that I can parse the file, I can get those values, compute the carb:insulin ratio for each bolus, and see whether my BG values behaved as I would have liked. Given enough data, I hope to see what ratios work the best. And then, of course, program those into my pump settings and (hopefully) use them with more confidence. Less winging it.

I like having a mini-project to help keep larger projects moving forward.

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