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Local Race Report

I like local races. They’re small, collegial, laid-back. Just like the bigger races, they draw all sorts of people, but it’s so much easier to see, meet, and eavesdrop on 150 of them compared to when 1,000 people — much … Continue reading

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Running up that Hill

“What did I just do?” The guy from the Hudson River Valley who was parked next to me and who had also just finished running the Wachusett Mountain Road and Trail Race looked over and said, “Yeah, it’s a really … Continue reading

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I’m not sure what they’re saying, but I think the Italian dialogue could probably be translated as “Holy shit! People are going to ride their bicycles down that at over 40 miles per hour!”

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More Triathlon, Please

Quick update here, since I need to go to bed so I can get up early to swim laps at the pool. (As Peej said, “Humans were not meant to get up before dawn. Humans were not meant to swim. … Continue reading

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Diabetes Snapshots: Paint Talks

Day 6 of Diabetes Blog Week: Snapshots! In case you didn’t know: I’m in DC. I drove down here yesterday (Friday) to see a major Gauguin exhibit at the National Gallery of Art and to see some people from the … Continue reading

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Cupcakes are Awesome

Technically, it’s still Friday, so I still have a chance to be legit with today’s Diabetes Blog Week post about . . . what’s this? Diabetes and awesome? There are a lot of thoughts on my mind recently about diabetes … Continue reading

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We Hates It

It’s Thursday, day four of Diabetes Blog Week. Today we vent. Ten Eleven things I hate about diabetes: Carrying extra crap. Because I got the ‘betes, I don’t get to travel light. And I don’t get to wear running shorts … Continue reading

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Insulin Firehose!

Today’s Diabetes Blog Week topic, diabetes bloopers, should make for some good reading. Here is my “man hit in groin by football” contribution. (BTW, this post contains videos that might not show up in your RSS reader. You might want … Continue reading

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I’m of two minds about today’s Diabetes Blog Week topic. Part of me wants to take it very seriously and write a letter to my 24-year-old, post-diagnosis self, telling me to be as active a participant in my treatment as … Continue reading

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What Next?

I have been blissed all day long. I didn’t mind the extra half hour of stop-and-go traffic on the commute this morning, because the music in the car sounded nicer, like I was hearing it for the first time. I … Continue reading

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Diabetes Tribes

It’s Diabetes Blog Week again . . . time to write about diabetes each day for an entire week. Once again, Karen has done a fantastic job creating the topics and organizing the logistics. Kudos to her! Today’s topic touches on the differences … Continue reading

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Flail, Bike, Run

Today, I competed in (and finished) my first triathlon. It was occupying ever more of my mental real estate for the last couple months, and I’ve been thinking about this morning’s event a lot, trying to decide how I feel … Continue reading

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Diabetes Blog Week, Part Two

OMG! It’s coming. You’ve all been warned.

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I’m Ready

Hey, y’all. Sorry for being relatively absent here lately. There was the wedding in the Hudson River Valley a couple weekends ago, plus a few lectures about the Silk Road at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and a … Continue reading

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