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BAA 10K. Bah!

I’m trying hard to keep some perspective on my 49:27 result in today’s inaugural BAA 10K in Boston. It’s not the best 10K I’ve ever run, but it’s also not the worst. (That would have been the one where I … Continue reading

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I Wish I Were Swimming

I have a confession: I kinda like swimming. Shocking, right? When Lisa convinced me to start swimming in the winter of 2009 as part of our collaborative “let’s lose weight and get ready for snorkeling in Australia” kick, I was … Continue reading

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You Can Do This

Note: This post contains a video that might not display in your RSS reader. Why not come see the original page? Recently, Kim kick-started the You Can Do This project. Here is my small contribution to it. You really can … Continue reading

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CGM Weekend

Every seven days (or so) I have to stop using CGM for several hours while I wait for the CGM clam shell transmitter to recharge and for the new sensor to marinate. Usually around day six, the CGM trace looks … Continue reading

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Don’t Give Up, Wednesday, 6:00AM

“Who is that guy over there?” “I dunno . . .” I was wearing my wetsuit and standing up to my waist in Ashland Reservoir, thinking about the first open-water swim that I was going to do since the triathlon one month ago. … Continue reading

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Mt. Tom

I like hiking. Really . . . I do.

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Visual Acuity and Color Confusion

I’ve been working on a project at work that involves visual acuity. We’re basically asking the question, “How easy is it to notice the difference between two parts of an image with the assistance of color?” As part of the … Continue reading

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Dear Medtronic…

. . . you’d best be getting your shit together and releasing a CGM sensor that I can believe in. You have between now and when that new Animas/Dexcom pump+CGM combo comes to market in the US. I like your pump offerings — … Continue reading

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