CGM Weekend

Every seven days (or so) I have to stop using CGM for several hours while I wait for the CGM clam shell transmitter to recharge and for the new sensor to marinate. Usually around day six, the CGM trace looks like an EKG reading as the sensor loses its mojo, and by day eight the transmitter’s battery has lost all of its juice.

Today is that day.

While I do have a faint sense of liberation when I’m disconnected from my device, I still really miss it on these 8- to 12-hour-long “CGM weekends” — despite all those bad things that I say about it. My cyborg-ness has a pull on me like a phantom limb. I catch myself reflexively reaching every hour to look at the CGM trace to see where my blood sugar is going, but of course it’s not there. I keep expecting to hear a high or low BG alarm, which never sounds. And I find myself switching back into a more attentive mode where I’m frequently thinking about my blood glucose, trying to “feel” it, intuiting where I am on the hypoglycemic—normal—cranky-high BG scale.

Mostly, I crave the (occasionally false) security that my CGM brings. Before exercising, it’s nice to know whether I was going up or down so that I can adjust my carb intake. Before eating, I like to get a sense of when I should take my bolus: 15 minutes? a half hour? with the meal? I like seeing the steady, gradual rise or fall after I misjudge a meal, when there’s still time to correct for it. And I miss — more than anything else — looking down at the steady, quiet flat line on those times that I get it “just right.”

(I also find myself wondering how the artificial pancreas project is going to cope with this “And on the seventh day the CGM rested . . .” problem.)

How about you? What do you do during your CGM weekends?

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2 Responses to CGM Weekend

  1. Megan says:

    Hello fellow cyborg,

    While I don’t have the CGM, I do have some downtime in the pump changing process from my little hip buddy. Decorative scrapbooking of our life together is always atop my list. Otherwise, I take the opportunity to dance a little jig without worrying that my pump will fly off my pants and bean someone nearby in the head. I do miss the little guy when it’s gone though . . . who knew life as a cyborg could bring such human emotions?!!!

  2. Jeff Mather says:

    Decorative diabetes scrapbooking . . . lolz! “Here we are, my robot parts and I, on a cruise. We stopped off in Cozumel and drank too much tequila. And that’s my CGM transmitter getting a bit freaky with someone else’s receiver. Oops! That picture wasn’t supposed to be in there.”

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