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Post-Provence Teaser

This is my post-Provence goal. We’ll see if I can do the 130-mile ride from Williamstown in the northwest corner of the Commonwealth to my house in one (rather long) day.

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Irene: The Dramatic Photos

Here are some photos from our weekend hurricane saga. It was windy and (in the end) a bit dark, but it wasn’t that bad for us. Others weren’t so lucky. Click on any image for a larger version. Or click … Continue reading

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We rode out hurricane tropical storm Irene without much of a problem. I don’t want to say it wasn’t bad—that was some serious wind we got—but the worst part (for us) really was waiting. Waiting while watching the storm move … Continue reading

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Next Up: Wind

Thanks to hurricane Irene, tomorrow will be a bit windy from roughly 2AM to 5PM. For now, we wait.

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A Day In the Life

Here is a small sampling of what has happened in the last twenty-four hours: What have you been up to?

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Bike Surgery

Sometime between lunch and when I left the office, I had talked myself into competing in one more triathlon before going to Provence next month. (What? You didn’t know I was going? Well, stay tuned.) There was only one little … Continue reading

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What I Do

If you’ve ever wondered what I do for my 9-5, it’s figure out stuff like this and this.

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Sharon Triathlon

Today I competed in the Sharon Triathlon and am very happy with my top 1/3 result. It’s hard for me to believe that just over three months ago I did my first triathlon, when I compare how that first one … Continue reading

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Things You Should Be Reading

Hey, everybody. It’s that time again. The time to clean out a bunch of links that I’ve read and share them with you because I think you might find them interesting. Ultramarathon — The always hilarious author of The Oatmeal … Continue reading

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Now With More Cowbell

Woo! (Click any photo for a larger version.)

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My Insulin Pump Hacker Name is “Glux0se”

Victoria wrote an excellent piece on her site about what’s become known as “pumphackingate.” In it, she gives a brief recap of the facts and some of the reactions that have appeared on other blogs. Here’s an even briefer recap, … Continue reading

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Finding My Inner Woo

Last Saturday I went to New York City for the second weekend in a row. On the 30th, Lisa and I went to the “Savage Beauty” exhibit of Alexander McQueen haute couture clothing at the Met. It was phenomenal! Definitely … Continue reading

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Exercise Data

I mentioned last week that I’ve been journaling about exercise for over a month now. With all of that data—over forty events—it’s finally time to sift through it for patterns, to see what worked and what didn’t, and to come … Continue reading

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Like a Dolphin, Monday, 7:00AM

“Jeff, you’re like a dolphin out there this morning.” John was buttering me up with his Galway brogue, as is his way. “Uh huh . . .” “No, it’s true.” It might have been a fact that I was faster than most this … Continue reading

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