Exercise Data

I mentioned last week that I’ve been journaling about exercise for over a month now. With all of that data—over forty events—it’s finally time to sift through it for patterns, to see what worked and what didn’t, and to come up with a new round of “experiments” to do as I swim, bike, and run.

So, into Microsoft Excel it went. After sorting and grouping the data, here it is:

Diabetes Exercise Data

Believe it or not, I am really more of a narrative person than a numbers person, and I already worry that looking at the data this way will obscure other important details or magnify the importance of data over context. (That’s actually why I hate the way many endocrinologists approach diabetes management, though I understand why they do it that way.) Nevertheless, I hope this different view into the last five weeks will illuminate trends. We shall see what comes from all of this.

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