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Où vas-tu?

You know, when you point Google Maps at where the gendarme put out his arm to hit me in the chest and stop me cold in my tracks while running on Tuesday, it looks pretty obvious that I should have … Continue reading

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Homeward Bound

Mom and I are at Charles de Gaulle airport, waiting for our flight back to Boston. It’s been a good trip, full of excitement and adventure and good food and things that you can’t get at home. In my mind … Continue reading

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Pictures from the Ride

Here are just a few pictures to prove that I really did more than just eat food in Provence. I hope I rode enough there (and walked enough in Paris) to make up for all of the deliciousness.

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Bread and Circus

Okay, we’re back online. It’s Sunday night here in Paris for another five minutes or so. Mom and I have done a lot today, and there’s a lot more to do tomorrow. (Shopping!!) But for now, let’s go back in … Continue reading

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The One Where I give You Pictures from Provence instead of Details

I don’t have much time to write these days. It’s the downside of being here. After not finishing dinner until 9:00PM (or later) and someone needing to get up at 6:00AM, there’s not a lot of time left over. (But … Continue reading

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I Might Be “That Guy”

Weird things happen when you’re the youngest person on a group tour by almost twenty years. One, you realize that everybody wants you to have babies. Sorry, folks; that ship has sailed. Two, you realize that if you save enough … Continue reading

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Tomorrow the bicycling portion of our trip begins after we decamp to Avignon St.-Remy-en-Provence, and I’m really excited for that to happen. I love France, and being here would be enough except that bicycling is the whole reason that we’re … Continue reading

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Aix-en-Provence – Day #2

Today we spent some more time walking around Aix, eating delicious food, and seeing the sights. Here is a small sample:

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The Trip in One Picture

This is why Mom and I are here, to see excellent Provençal scenery and to bicycle: If only the anonymous commuter had a baguette or chocolate croissant, then it would completely capture my priorities. . . . We made it! … Continue reading

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Provence Preview

I picked up Mom at the airport this afternoon. She lives in Wyoming, which is not the easiest place to get to—though, you can get there from here—and I miss her a lot. It’s so good to see her again. … Continue reading

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Two Races

If triathlon and racing have done anything this summer, it has been to get me out of bed at an early hour. On many weekdays, I left the house at 5:30 to get to the lake by 5:45. And on … Continue reading

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Two Poems for Today

Five years ago, I published pages from my journal to make sense of 9/11. [1] On this day, ten years after the attacks, the only thing I can offer is poetry. I had been working on the first in my … Continue reading

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About Last Thursday’s Post

The fact that I feel the need to explain last Thursday’s post probably says more about me than I want it to, but—even knowing that’s the case—here I am anyway. Last Thursday, the first day of September, kinda got to … Continue reading

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Things You Should Be Reading – August Edition

Hey everybody, I’m about a week late with the August edition of “Things You Should Be Reading.” There’s a little bit of something for everybody here. Brilliantly smart-ass responses to completely well-meaning signs (via John Nack) It’s been a very … Continue reading

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Grief Keeps Its Own Timetable

Although nothing related has happened in over eighteen years, this pretty much sums up my day so far: Death Barged In In his Russian greatcoat slamming open the door with an unpardonable bang, and he has been here ever since. … Continue reading

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