The One Where I give You Pictures from Provence instead of Details

I don’t have much time to write these days. It’s the downside of being here. After not finishing dinner until 9:00PM (or later) and someone needing to get up at 6:00AM, there’s not a lot of time left over. (But that’s not really any downside at all.)

Just know that I’m having a great time riding through olive groves and fields of Provence, seeing Roman ruins at Arles, touring “perched” towns like Les Baux, wandering the quiet rues of St.-Rémy, eating delicious food, and chugging up a mountain pass that the professionals rode in this year’s Tour de France.

Here are a few pictures to hopefully keep you satisfied.

















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4 Responses to The One Where I give You Pictures from Provence instead of Details

  1. Filipe Nunes says:

    I hope you didn’t taste that one in the last photo… :D in Portugal it is called “Mil Folhas” ( One Thousand leaves) Have a nice ride!!!

  2. mary says:

    argh, so envious!! and not just of delicious desserts – the biking part looks amazing! maybe someday i’ll be rad enough to do (and afford) such a trip.

  3. Mom W says:

    It’s fun to share your trip with you. The weddings made me smile. When I was in St Petersburg last month I also saw several weddings in process. I didn’t get the pix of the bride & her entourage standing in line to use the porta potty. Your pix now make me want to add on to my “bucket list”. I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of your pix!!

  4. Jeff Mather says:

    Felipe: I did, in fact, eat the desert and managed to guess the carbs without too much difficulty. In French, it’s called “mille feuilles.”

    Mary: I think a bike trip with you would be totally rad. And I bet you already ride your bike as awesome as some of the people on the trip.

    Jeanne: Aren’t weddings great?

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