Bread and Circus

Okay, we’re back online. It’s Sunday night here in Paris for another five minutes or so. Mom and I have done a lot today, and there’s a lot more to do tomorrow. (Shopping!!) But for now, let’s go back in time to the day that was the trip in a microcosm. Wednesday was market day in St.-Remy-de-Provence, so our group headed across the street to the old city to buy food for our bike ride, as well as Provençal delights and souvenirs and other things. (There’s a market day for everything somewhere in France . . . including antiques of all kinds outside Avignon on Saturdays and birds in Paris near La Palais de Justice on Sundays.)

After shopping for lunch, we rode to Éygalières, walked up a steep hill, and ate some of the food that we got at the market, while looking out on the ruins of a 13th century church and down on the countryside. After lunch, a few of us headed out for a twenty mile loop through the Alpilles mountains. It was a lot more laid-back than the group ride the day before after we climbed the mountain road to Les Baux, despite the fact that we put up a faster pace. That’s probably because there were just three of us who opted for the long ride, and we were able to keep the ride moving along with less of the waiting around that always occurs when you get a larger group ride going. Adele, one of the two group leaders, and I talked on the mostly car-free roads; it was great to have someone along who knew the routes by heart, so that we didn’t have to keep attending to the cue sheets. It was also nice seeing Pascal at the bottom of the long, winding descent to point out the “tricky turn” and to give me some really good French chocolate as a reward for the big climb.

Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures from the 21st:

















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  1. victoria says:

    You should know I have dreamed of nothing but France since seeing your photos in KC. Well, maybe cheese and France.

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