Homeward Bound

Mom and I are at Charles de Gaulle airport, waiting for our flight back to Boston. It’s been a good trip, full of excitement and adventure and good food and things that you can’t get at home. In my mind that’s the ideal reason to travel.

We accidentally got in the wrong line at immigration—the one reserved for EU residents. Oops! Somehow we managed to get in the same queue as a group going to Montreal, and it wasn’t until we were all the way near the front that I realized that the travelers I was talking to were going there to visit and not to return home. So we had to cut in line when we got to the head of the queue. Ironically, it was right in front of the Chinese tour group that had cut in line in front of us at check-in. What goes around comes around, I guess.

We had a good time in Paris. Saw lots of highlights. Ate plenty of food. And, of course, wandered into some delightful situations that you so frequently find in Paris.

I went running a couple of times. Paris is not the easiest city to run in. Although if you stay close to the Seine it all works out. Today I went more inland on the right bank, and I got stopped by the gendarmerie twice as I ran past the Palais d’Élysées—once rather forcefully. I guess Szarko must have been at home.

But now I’m almost home. I’m so happy to see Lisa, the love of my life, again. It’s been the longest we’ve been apart in fourteen years.

We’ll see how much of my book I can read.


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