I Might Be “That Guy”

Weird things happen when you’re the youngest person on a group tour by almost twenty years. One, you realize that everybody wants you to have babies. Sorry, folks; that ship has sailed. Two, you realize that if you save enough for retirement, you too can go on months-long European holidays. And three, you’re likely going to be the fastest on the bike… by a lot.

I saw this coming, and I wondered what I would do. After today’s warmup ride, I really wonder what will happen tomorrow when I feel the need to open it up on the roads of France. I might just need to sprint ahead so that I can “take a picture” or some other convenient excuse. Do I circle back our just wait? Thoughts?

It’s likely that I’m going to get some kind of reputation. Well, it will be something to joke about at dinner. I’ll wait to tell them about my triathlons, though. Maybe after someone sees me coming back from a run.

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4 Responses to I Might Be “That Guy”

  1. Lisa Mather says:

    You’re not allowed to drop your mom … but you’re allowed to drop everyone else. :)

  2. David Wheaton says:

    If I may be so bold. 1) what Lisa said. 2) I would suggest you are not in France to race. That was earlier and it had lots of hills. If I could give you something right now it would be relaxation. To that end, ride slower, enjoy the scenery, take pictures and use your power to catch back up with the pack. Have fun.

  3. Jeff Mather says:

    Ah Dave, that’s mostly my plan, but there are tricky bits. Such as, everyone electing me to be the leader, since I can follow the directions, I got us turned around on the first day when someone led us off course, and seem to end up at the front anyway.

    I got permission to go fast up the mountain today, which is good because I needed a good leg stretch. I also have a lot of difficulty riding slowly—and not just from a psychological stand-point. It just not easy to do. So I am riding “just fast enough” and having a great time relaxing.

  4. David Wheaton says:

    You could lead from behind. Ar Ar.

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