Two Races

If triathlon and racing have done anything this summer, it has been to get me out of bed at an early hour. On many weekdays, I left the house at 5:30 to get to the lake by 5:45. And on too many weekend mornings, I was up before 7:00 to go for a long bike ride, compete in a triathlon, or run a race. The consensus around the reservoir on Labor Day, when we all met at our normal 6:00 time, was that we needed to get our heads examined. I’m not complaining; life is choices after all. I’m happy with mine, though I am a bit tired.

Yesterday morning I got up just a little early—7:30—to run a 5K . . . in my own town! I’ve never been able to walk to the start of a race before. It was great! I hadn’t been running much over the last 5-6 weeks, so I wasn’t expecting to be anywhere near my PR of 21:47. My goal was simply to find out what my paces should be as I develop a new training plan. In the end, I finished 18th of 118 in 22:26, which made me quite happy. (If I’d run my old PR yesterday, I would have finished—get this!— 17th. Of course, I would have also won a prize for being third in my age group.)

I'm #108, the guy in the blue singlet.

Today, I got up a bit earlier to drive one town over and watch my coworker compete in her first triathlon: the women’s only Title 9 Tri. It was a beautiful morning, and she did really, really well. (Second in her age group and well within the top 25%.) Way to go, Loren!

Here are some photos I took this morning.

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