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Tomorrow begins the so-called “National Blog Post Month.” What you write about and whose nation it is doesn’t really seem to matter. All that matters is that for a month participants post something every day. I’ve done this for the … Continue reading

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Instant Replay, Friday, 6:04AM

I recorded myself at the pool this morning, much to Pool Lady’s delight. Pat moved over a lane; perhaps she didn’t want to be in my video, or maybe she was just taking advantage of an uncrowded pool. The Awesome … Continue reading

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I hate doing form and technique drills at the pool. They don’t feel like real exercise; I would rather be getting my heart rate and muscles going. Moreover, I feel slow and exposed. Of course, there’s real value in taking … Continue reading

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3600 Yards

Here’s a quick update about yesterday’s race: I’m a bit sore. Was it the lack of arch support in my spikes? The dehydration? Maybe the exertion of running three miles before digging deep to find a kick that helped me … Continue reading

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There Will Be Mud

Lisa is my sports psychologist. While she’s not a licensed mental health practitioner, she’s a good listener, asks probing questions, knows me pretty well, and has a basic philosophy I can get down with: “Snap out of it!” So I … Continue reading

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My New Favorite Running Picture

This photograph of Jenny Barringer Simpson winning the women’s 1500m world championship in Daegu, South Korea, is my new, all-time favorite. I’m going to cut it out and put it next to the treadmill. Maybe it will help me get … Continue reading

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LADA – Day 3

Turns out, I don’t know what else to say about LADA. I started the week not really knowing what latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (a.k.a., LADA, type-1.5 or T1.5) was but suspecting that I had it. Yet within twenty-four hours, … Continue reading

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I was thinking about my athletic goals for 2012, which I will discuss in another post soon, when I—well, let’s just show a bunch of “random” facts. A few months ago, we started planning a trip to Barcelona in March … Continue reading

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Live from New York, It’s Simonpalooza

So we took a day trip to New York City to see Simon from Australia again. And meet people from the DOC. And bowl. And eat cupcakes. Good times! (Click any photo for a larger version. But why not start … Continue reading

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What Is LADA, Anyway?

When I said I was going to learn about LADA/type-1.5 diabetes and post about it this week, I had in my mind that I probably have this disease, as compared to “plain” type-1 diabetes. I was going based on the … Continue reading

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I’m trying to learn more French. I studied French for five years in middle and high school, and then I took a French literature class in my first year at Grinnell. It became obvious to me that most of my … Continue reading

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LADA Awareness Week

Diabetes: we know all about it. Kids get “type 1,” and older adults get “type 2.” [1] Except that I got type 1 at the age of 24, and because of the general state of health in the US, elementary … Continue reading

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Three days later, I still have no words for last weekend. So here are some pictures until I can find them. Why not just start with the first one and click your way through?

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International DiabeTees Day 2011

It’s that time again! Last year International Diabetes T-Shirt Day was a big success, but I know we can do better. This year let’s make more tees, and let’s all wear them on November 14th, which just so happens to … Continue reading

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Photos from the Trip

Whew! There were a lot of photos to go through. Here are my favorites. Click on any thumbnail for a larger version.

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