I was thinking about my athletic goals for 2012, which I will discuss in another post soon, when I—well, let’s just show a bunch of “random” facts.

  • A few months ago, we started planning a trip to Barcelona in March 2012.
  • We’re absolutely, positively going to Barcelona in March. No question about it: It’s going to be Lisa and me in Barcelona in March of 2012.
  • Last year I ran the New Bedford Half Marathon (21km) and got pwned by my blood sugar.
  • I swore I would make New Bedford my bitch.
  • Next year’s NBHM is March 18.
  • Over the last year I’ve met some of my diabetes peeps in NYC, Boston, DC, and Kansas City.
  • This month we met a bunch of my online peeps because of Simonpalooza.
  • I like meeting my online peeps in person.
  • Several of my Canadian peeps are planning on running the Around the Bay Road Race (30km).
  • Next year’s Around the Bay is March 25.
  • I’ve never seen Niagara Falls.
  • Visiting Toronto again and seeing Niagara Falls are on my “101 things to do in 1001 days” list.
  • Around the Bay is in Hamilton, ON, which is halfway between Toronto and Niagara Falls, an hour in each direction.

Like I said, totally random facts.

Wait a minute! Maybe I should run the Around the Bay Road Race at some point, whether that’s 2012 or 2013. Brilliant!

Let the negotiations (about New Bedford or Ontario, but not about Barcelona) begin.

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4 Responses to Hmm…

  1. scully says:

    Hey hey…. I have to contain myself here but, You would be SUPER welcome here in our little Canadian DOC family. The “Bay” race is calling your name! How awesome would that be? what about our bike ride?

  2. Céline says:

    Canadian girl number two seconds Scully’s emotions. Around the Bay is a great race and Hamilton is almost as lovely as Barcelona…right Scully??

  3. Lisa says:

    Oh lord.

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