LADA – Day 3

Turns out, I don’t know what else to say about LADA. I started the week not really knowing what latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (a.k.a., LADA, type-1.5 or T1.5) was but suspecting that I had it. Yet within twenty-four hours, I wrote what I had learned about it and decided that I probably don’t have it. Where could I go from there?

The plot—as they say—thickens.

It seems that there’s disagreement within the medical establishment about what LADA is. (This is a natural state of affairs in science and medicine.) Take today’s DiabetesMine article, which asks experts for their definitions of LADA. For some, LADA is strictly a subset of T1 diabetes. Others see it as appearing on a continuum between T1 and T2 or as sharing traits of both types. One researcher introduced even more new jargon types of diabetes: T1a and T1b.

Amy from DiabetesMine might say, “Oy!”

As someone who already takes insulin, knowing about LADA doesn’t really change my life. Of course, as an advocate, it’s good to know about these differences; it could potentially save the life of someone who was diagnosed with T2 but who actually has LADA. I’ve heard stories about this happening, and it sounds awful.

And that’s the real reason to have LADA Awareness Week: for people misdiagnosed to learn about LADA, get themselves tested for the antibodies that indicate it, and start a treatment strategy that works better.

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