Breakthrough, Friday, 5:45AM

It’s a good thing I had a mini-breakthrough this morning at the pool.

The morning started with a tired me getting my game face on only to show up at the school and find a bunch of cars in the lot. (Well, a bunch for 5:40AM.) Inside I found all of my swimming peeps standing outside the locked door to the pool. Fortunately I was able to keep this thought inside my head: “So, this is what y’all look like with your clothes on.” Eventually Pool Lady showed up, still sick with bronchitis and cranky.

A few minutes later out on the pool deck, Pool Lady plunked the sign-in clipboard on a small table. “If you’re a member, just check the member box. Don’t also check “resident” or “nonresident.” And if you’re a member, I’m not going to look up your number for you anymore. Either remember it or bring your card with you.” I was standing behind her, and I think a few people saw my WTF/mreow! face. We cut you some slack today, Pool Lady, because we know you’re sick and because you were sweet (to me, at least) when I left for the day.

I picked a lane and hopped in. And by “lane,” I mean one of the five lanes that doesn’t permanently have the floating lane markers separating it from its neighbor. I think they just keep one lane divider up so that people could have a place to swim laps during evening open swim, but we all treat it as Dara’s domain and always let her have it. I swam one lane over from Dara this morning—not because I’m fast but because it was uncrowded.

A few minutes later, as I was going through my drill routine, I noticed Pink Suit swimming in my lane. Okay, everybody has to swim somewhere. Then I realized that there was a lane divider on each side of me. It seems that Pink Suit was swimming up and down lanes attaching lane dividers. I had my lane back to myself; all the better for doing drills. About five minutes later there seemed to be extra people on the pool deck.

Eventually I realized that there were a bunch of young women standing at the end of my lane. I figured the high school girl’s swim team could use my lane more effectively than I would, so I hopped down a couple of lanes to share with a guy who’s roughly the same speed as I am. (When I left, there were six girls sharing my former lane. Yikes! But also, Well Done! for respecting our need to swim, too.)

By the time that I moved over I had already had my breakthrough. After several weeks, I was staring to wonder whether I would ever be able to transition from bringing my hand into the water with my arm fully extended (the wrong way) to driving my arm into the water when my elbow is inline with my ear, spearing with my hand so that my arm comes to full extension underwater.

Proper freestyle hand entry. The Guardian article I lifted this from is very useful and even distills all of the wisdom into a one-page PDF file.

I had been working on this diligently, and I was so happy to realize this morning that I was actually starting to do it. I’m sure it’s not anywhere near 100% correct, but this is significant progress in unlearning what I was doing wrong.

Hope springs eternal!

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