Heart Rate Training?

How do you get faster at any endurance activity? Ironically, you get faster by doing it faster than usual. If you run every run at one pace or do every ride at the same tempo, then you’ll never progress. You can only build up so much aerobic capacity, since you can only move so much blood and oxygen around. What you need to do is to work harder so that the muscles themselves are stronger and capable of giving more.

My running plan includes plenty of tempo running and interval sessions. And I’ve finally gotten to the point where there’s “normal swimming” and “harder swimming.” But how do I know how hard to work when cycling?

I think the answer is heart rate training, which is new to me. Have any of you had success doing this?

I’ve figured out several of the basic calculations based on my computed maximum heart rate (183 bpm) and resting heart rate (52 bpm). According to an online calculator, these are my target heart rate zones:

Zone 1: 118-131
Zone 2: 131-144
Zone 3: 144-157 (Aerobic)
Zone 4: 157-170 (Anaerobic)
Zone 5: 170-183 (Maximal)

Now, where do I go from here?

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