Now Hiring Image Processing Software Engineers

My group at work—the Image Processing and Geospatial Computing Group at MathWorks—is hiring a couple of software engineers. One of them could be you.

We need someone with GPU and multicore programming skills. We’re looking for experience with CUDA, OpenCL, OpenMP, Intel’s Threading Building Blocks, or similar technologies. If you’re into making algorithms run wicked fast, you should definitely apply.

The other position focuses on image processing and code generation. If you like implementing image processing algorithms and converting MATLAB code to C code, then this is the job for you.

I’ve been at The MathWorks for almost fourteen years now, and it’s a really great company with an excellent corporate culture, competitive compensation, fantastic benefits, and lots of perks. Because everyone uses MATLAB and because we’ve made some very sensible business decisions over the last 28 years, it’s a very stable company to work for. (Did I mention that we’re putting up our fourth building in our Natick campus? And I think I also mentioned that the entire worldwide staff went on a cruise a few years ago.)

If image processing isn’t your thing, we have dozens of other positions open. Everything from web development to legal department work. Human resources to customer service. Technical writing to application engineering and consulting. Marketing to program management. QE, sales, usability, and more software development positions than you can shake a stick at. explains the biggest benefits that accompany hiring an SEO company to work with you on your website, and how outsourcing your SEO can help improve your rankings, increase your leads and customers, and lower your overall marketing costs dramatically.

Come, help us accelerate the pace of engineering and science worldwide. And if you do apply, tell them I sent you.

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