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Photo Echo

By special request. Times and bikes change, but in essentials everything stays the same. (Photo of Scully by Becky Furuta)

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Casper Classic, 1990

“Grandpa, tell us what bicycle racing was like when you were a kid.” “Well, I think I have some slides here.” “What are slides?” Inspired by Scully’s cycling photos from Texas on Facebook, I went back and found some of … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends, “21 Manhole Covers” Edition

A few things today. I. Monday I met a few people for drinks and dinner (a.k.a., Diet Pepsi and fish tacos) in Boston. It seemed to be a long time in the making, but it was so worth the wait. … Continue reading

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A Nice Day for a Ride

Another week. Another two-part long bike ride. Another additional 10 miles. It’s a little hilly where I live. I’m getting a lot more confident on my tri-bike. In fact, I feel good enough to eat a bit while riding . . . and … Continue reading

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I had a little fundraiser at work yesterday, a real low-key affair that mostly involved me sitting around, chatting up people, and giving them slips of paper with links to my JDRF ride page. A little follow-up from me after … Continue reading

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2012 Boston Marathon

Today is Patriots’ Day. Marathon Monday. The best day of the year! I’ve been making the half-hour walk from my office to Natick Centre to watch the marathon every year since 1998 (except 2009, when I was hiking in Utah). … Continue reading

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That Question Tells Me You Don’t Understand Diabetes

Based on some of the questions they ask and things they say, healthcare professionals outside endocrinology don’t really get diabetes. [1] For example, consider this question: “How is your control?” Nobody can “control” blood sugar because only a pancreas can … Continue reading

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It’s Getting Loud in Herre

I had almost forgotten how loud the world is. There is sound everywhere.

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Like Riding a Bike… Kinda

Today I rode bikes. It was both terrifying and wonderful. Why so? Read on, dear reader. Now that ATB and my recovery period are over, it’s time to start training for what’s next. “What IS next?” you ask. Well, let’s … Continue reading

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Seriously, Take the Decongestant before Flying

Things I can’t hear: The backup power generator outside my office The wind The cat’s one-side conversation with me . . . at all People walking down side corridors at the office who I keep almost running into Music in the car or … Continue reading

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In Love with the World (and my BGs)

OMG! When I exercise my ability to move my blood glucose values closer to where I want them is so, so much easier! This isn’t news, of course. In fact, it’s super-duper obvious. I crafted my mostly working basal and … Continue reading

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Look over HERE!

Hey everybody! I’m not sure why Google Reader isn’t picking up my post from last night with our pictures from Barcelona, but it’s not. If you use Google Reader to figure out when I’ve posted, just thought you’d want to … Continue reading

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Barcelona in Pictures

Lisa and I went through all of our pictures from Barcelona, and here are our favorites. (You can click on any picture to see a larger version. Once there, you can click through to the next one. Nice, eh?) I’ll … Continue reading

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The Good Lettuce

It was put-up or shut-up time today. Lisa is in Philly for a rare business trip, and I needed to buy a few groceries for the week. I didn’t need many things; just a few staples were all I required … Continue reading

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