A Nice Day for a Ride

Another week. Another two-part long bike ride. Another additional 10 miles.

It’s a little hilly where I live.

I’m getting a lot more confident on my tri-bike. In fact, I feel good enough to eat a bit while riding . . . and play drinking games. Okay, it’s actually a technique I’m using to remember to drink more water. Every time I get out of aero, I drink. It seems to be working, except that it’s at odds with my effort to stay in aero more. (Clearly, I need to get one of those bottles that mount between the aero bars and let you drink via straw without using your hands.)

Diabetes is playing well on these early morning rides. (Not so much during my after-work outings . . . or much of the rest of the time over the last couple weeks, but it is what it is, and I’m trying to make it better.) Today I turned down my basal to 60% of normal, ate a carton of Greek yoghurt before heading out, ate 25-35g of carb every 35-45 minutes, and sipped on Gatorade during the second part of my ride. Last week was almost perfect, ending almost exactly where I started and being consistent throughout. Today, my first two hours were very even at 150 mg/dL (8.3 mmol/L), and then I dropped to 110 over the next 1.5 hours.

Next week: more practice, more distance, and more tweaking.

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