In Love with the World (and my BGs)

OMG! When I exercise my ability to move my blood glucose values closer to where I want them is so, so much easier!

This isn’t news, of course. In fact, it’s super-duper obvious. I crafted my mostly working basal and bolus rates based on a certain level of insulin sensitivity, and that level depends on me working out at least five times a week. Change a little thing and those rates all go to hell.

Why am I telling you this? Well, in an effort to recover adequately after Around the Bay, I hadn’t run a single mile or ridden my bike at all since the race. And for one reason or another, I also hadn’t done any laps at the pool, either. That equals ten days without a workout. This has been good for my muscles, but not for my mental health—I was starting to get really antsy—or for my BG readings. Starting late last week, I started running a 24-hour temp basal of 120%, and that helped a bit, but not enough.

Then yesterday afternoon, after getting my free Ben & Jerry’s cone, I went for a semi-leisurely, vaguely hilly, 17-mile ride. Almost as soon as I hopped on the bike, I had that particular feeling of clarity, contentment, ease, and freedom that I only get when I’m riding. Immediately afterward, my BG-wrangling skills came back as if I hadn’t taken any time off at all.

This morning I swam some laps—which were plentiful but slow—and I’ve been planking all day since then.

The sun is shining. It’s a beautiful 60F outside. My friends are wonderful. I finally made something work that I’ve been struggling with at the office. I went to an informative and entertaining presentation about the MATLAB Cody game platform. I had a nice lunch with my coworkers outside. My life has purpose and direction. My BGs are where I want them. I have another date with the bike after work.

And, most importantly of all, Lisa is on her way home from Philly!!

It’s a good day.

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    can I just leave a smiley face? You know I know that you know.

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